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 Hello ~ ^-^

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PostSubject: Hello ~ ^-^   Thu 11 Oct 2012, 12:37 pm

Hello everybody ~
I' m a 15 years old girl from Switzerland , I'm anglo-swiss and I speak French and English and I'm learning Italian (At school) and Japanese (private lessons). ^-^ I love drawing, internet, sleeping, digimon, hetalia and vocaloid ^^ Oh and, btw, I've got a deviantart and a YouTube account x3
I believe in Digimon since December 2010 and I've stopped thinking about it for a very long time ... and i felt so stupid .... T^T Well, anyway, I really love Digimon, and I'm proud to be a digibeliever c:
I think my Digimon partner will be a Patamon (and he's my favourite digimon since I was 5 yrs old ), because I had some dreams about him and I sometimes can't stop thinking about him . ^^
And I think I've seen a Keramon, a BlackGatomon and a Diaboromon, and I don't really like them, especially Diaboromon, he's so creepy .... QuQ''

I hope I'll go to the Digital World soon , I always wanted to go here .... *-* But I haven't got any digivices T^T
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Hello ~ ^-^
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